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FAQs & Shop Policies

All You Need to Know

Do you repair bikes?

Of course! Even though we don't carry every brand of bikes out there, we sure will fix them. As long as you can get it here, we can get you rolling! 

Do you buy used bikes?

Depends on what kind of bike it is and the condition. Every bike is different but if you would like us to take a look, we may be able to give you an offer. Please bring a valid ID so we can keep it on file if we do end up buying your bike.

Items Dropped off for repair

All items dropped off for repair must be picked up within 10 days after we have contacted you unless other arrangements have been made. Staff will notify customer by text or phone call when your repair is ready for pick up. Items NOT picked up within that time period will be subject to a $2.00 per day storage fee. 

Items left for more than 30 days become property of Heritage Cycles and can be sold or donated at our discretion

Do I need an appointment?

No! We don't take any appointments. It is all first come, first serve. Bring your bike and a staff member will look it over and give you an estimate for what your bike needs. If it is a quick fix, we may be able to help you on the spot. Or we may have you drop it off so that we can get you rolling!

What is the difference between bikes at Heritage Cycles and a department store?

Just like with anything, you get what you pay for! When we are looking for bikes to stock, we are looking at the quality of not only the frame, but the components (shifter, breaks, derailleurs, rims, etc.) These bikes will last longer than one season and you won't run into as many problems! A lot of times, bikes in department stores are not always assembled correctly. When we build our new bikes, we make sure that everything is put on the right way and safe!

Any time you purchase a brand new bike from our shop, we also offer 3 years of lite tune-ups!


-Items can be subject to a restocking fee

-No returns on used or special order items

-Items must be returned within 14 days of purchase

-Must have card from purchase or the original receipt

- NO RETURNS on bicycles

Special Parts order

If you request a specific part or accessory to be ordered for you, a staff member will notify you when your product has arrived. You may be required to pay for the product at the time of order depending on the rarity of the product. If you don't come to pick it up after 2 weeks of notification, we will sell it to someone else.

Can’t find your question? Get in touch. We welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have.

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