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What have we done in 2019?

Moved locations, rode our bikes (of course), had parties and movie nights, restarted our podcast, fixed bikes, annnnddd more!

This has been our busiest Summer yet with repairs. Good thing we moved to a bigger space! It's not far from the old shop, just down the street. We have our own garage door where you can just roll into the shop without getting off your bike. We did manage to fit in a bike camping trip to A.W. Marion in October. 30 miles to the camp site where we shared stories and laughed around the camp fire. 30 miles the next day with just a little sprinkle of rain.

We kept up with our weekly rides and our group just keeps getting bigger. But don't let that keep you away. The more the merrier! We are riding all year long! Sunday sMILES is also back. So if you were looking for a weekend ride, join us!

We are already planning a ton of fun events for the upcoming year so follow us here, instagram, or facebook to keep in the loop. And don't forget to check out the Heritage Cycles Podcast to hear us ramble on about bicycle related things (and sometimes, non bicycle related things) Available on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, and where ever else you can listen! AND if you haven't already, come say Hi and check out the new space! Happy New Year everyone!

Heritage Cycles

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