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Rainy Rides

The work week before a long weekend always seems to drag! Well our plans for the long weekend included bikes (like always), kayaks, camping, more bikes, and of course a hearty breakfast. Our second annual Biyak Camping trip was under way! The weather looked great all week and even the night before. Our bags were packed and as soon as we were set to leave, the weather man seemed to change his mind. IT POURED! 

We waited it out for a little while and decided to set out as it only rained for about 15 minutes. On the road we went and it started to sprinkle again about 3 miles in. Sprinkling-not so bad to ride in. We get about half way out and it starts to rain again. With each pedal stroke, the rain just seemed to get harder and harder. Our clothes were soaked and our gear was a bit wet. We did make it to Trapper John's Canoe Livery though. Still raining, the guys there said we could still kayaked if we wanted but as soon as he said that...LIGHTNING! Then there was a no go for the kayaking. Our small group decided to head back in the rain and ended up at Grove City Brewing Company for some food and a few drinks. All of us still had fun and being on the bike is always an adventure. A few people DID make it to the campsite before it rained and decided to camp anyway. 

We love that we can get people out on our crazy adventures. But the fun doesn't stop when it gets cold...

There is one more bike camping trip on our calendar for this year so stay tuned!

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